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Medical Professional

Our Story

Ruzgar Healthcare Holding established in Doha. The Company consists of planning, designing, building, equipping, operating and managing a state of the art medical centers and hospitals in Doha capable of delivering high quality healthcare services in a cost efficient and pleasant environment, to patients from Qatar and the Region. 


The medical centers and hospitals designed to offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services and provide high care hospitalization services, while actively promoting preventive medicine and outpatient care as an alternative to inpatient admissions. All Medical centers and Hospitals part of Ruzgar Healthcare Holding network and developed and designed according to Ruzgar Healthcare Holding standards of excellence.

Our Strengths

Wide range of services provided thanks to experienced team & management
Ruzgar Healthcare Holding became a respected name in the healthcare industry thanks to;
  • Professional team with its high level of knowledge,
  • International hospital management experience ,
  • Innovative and constantly growing pace,
  • International supply network,
  • Service policy based on satisfaction,
  • Priority preference of health professionals, 
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